Welcome to Community Venue

We bring unity to your community.

Welcome to Community Venue. Operated by Page & Percival Realty, this not-for-profit 475 sqft venue, meeting and event space is available for members of the community to rent for their personal or business use. The meeting space is available for rent hourly 7 days a week from 6am until 10pm.

Community Venue is ideally located in Toronto’s popular west-end between Bloor West Village & The Junction, the sun-drenched and versatile meeting space is within walking distance of Jane subway station or just one block from the TTC. There is also plenty of free  parking on all surrounding streets.

What is the space Suited for?

We also wanted to give people an affordable, short-term rental space to showcase their passions, develop their small businesses and follow their dreams without having the massive overhead of a permanent rental. Are you thinking about turning that “side hustle” into a proper money making business? Look no further, we have the space for you to turn your passion into real and decent income! How long have you wanted to do that pop up shop for? Now is the time!

We are entrepreneurs who are passionate about supporting other entrepreneurs and creatives in our community. We believe our space is the perfect environment for start up businesses. It is an inviting, bright and beautiful place where your ideas will flow and your inspiration will spread. Our space is a blank canvas which can easily be transformed into whatever the user needs.


Perfect intimate space for health & wellness classes - yoga, pilates, meditation, mom & baby, CPR, self defence & more.


Ideal location to run endless seminar topics - financial planning, parenting, health & wellness, investing, etc.


Well suited for DIY workshops, painting classes, home organizing, personal styling, etc.


Perfect for start-ups needing a temporary home base or mobile teams looking to meet occassionally.

“We believe in the unity of Community

Pop Up Shops

Ideal setting for a retail pop-up shop of clothing, home decor, art, one of a kind items, etc.

Art Gallery

Display your works of art for an opening introduction to your line.

Studio Space

Perfect space for a photography or video production studio

Office Space

Well suited temporary office space.

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